Young creatives

  • “I'd like to thank all at ACE for presenting me with the opportunity to work with and perform with amazing energies, as well as helping me attain a new work ethic standard. Being on the stage in front of those people felt sensational and I really enjoyed putting in the work with you to get there. I'd especially like to thank Duppy for believing that I could push my creativity to the next level and helping me find my genre of music as well as helping with my upcoming EP. Thank you to everyone involved, we ended carnival with an ACE Youth Bang.”

    Pushing Talent youth participant
  • “The experience has improved my confidence. The feeling of people singing my song was overwhelming. This has made me believe I can do this for a living.”

    Youth Participant
    St. Pauls Carnival Youth Stage
  • “There are many organisations in central Bristol but ACE are relevant and provide the only real opportunity that actually helps youths around here.”

    More Than Music youth participant
  • “It give me an opportunity to do what I love in a comfortable environment, and produce quality work accompanied by talented workers who encourage, teach and support. It has given me confidence to share my talent with other people and express myself socially through music.”

    Youth participant
    Hi-Road Studios, @Docklands
  • “ACE is a brilliant organisation, especially within the community. They have helped me in many different ways, such as; my inner-confidence to perform and express myself around different people. They’ve helped me to expand and progress on my musical skills. They’ve introduced me to people that’s succeeded in the music industry, and I’ve had the chance to work with them, which I am grateful for. Through ACE I have achieved things and have had my song played on the radio. I am grateful to be part of ACE and it’s an amazing thing to be involved in for the chances and opportunities they provide.”

    More Than Music youth participant