10 Exam Time tips

Exam time is here!!!

But not to worry we have the remedy that will help you get through!

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1. Positive mental attitude 

Tell your self you CAN do it, you CAN make it through and you WILL achieve the results you are looking for


2. Get a good nights sleep

A good nights sleep will keep you refreshed and help your brain to relax. Over working and working under stressful conditions is not good.


3. Work for 20 minutes

Plan what you are going to do and do it for 20 minutes. After that take a break, then get back to it for a further 20 minutes Until you have tackled your days study.


4. Get a study buddy

Revise with someone taking the same exams. This will help you both. you can test each other and share knowledge


5. Eat Brain Foods

A bad diet can leave you feeling tired and not being able to concentrate.

Make sure you are eating a good healthy balanced diet to get you through.

Here are some ideas of what to eat..

Brain Foods


6. Exercise

Keeping active can help reduce stress, leaving your mind and body feeling good!


7. Read out loud

You are more likely to remember something if you say it. Reading aloud will help to imprint information into your brain


8. Make time for friends

During this busy time it is easy to only focus on the task you have ahead of you! But make sure you make time to socialise and have fun also. All work and no play makes a dull day!


9. Ask for help

All of your teachers, friends and family are resources you can use to help you along the way if you feel lost stuck or cant get the hang of something.


10. Prep for exams the day before!

Dont leave it to the morning to pack everything you need. Before you go to bed (nice and early!) make sure you have your bag packed with all the resources you need. This will help your morning be less stressful helping you be prepared for the exam.




 You Can Do It