An appreciation for his art – Javeon McCarthy.

Javeon McCarthy, 33, is a singer/songwriter, a youth worker and a recent father from Bristol. He is a mentally-strong individual who after discussing his love for Frank Ocean’s music and watching SiFi production’s, shared with us how he got to where he is today, what he loves about the ACE community, and where he is heading in the future. 

McCarthy’s music career began at an event up in Sheffield – where he met with a PMR artist, which after touring a few shows together, led to the artists’ manager signing McCarthy to the label. Without that significant evening, things may not have ended up how it is now for the artist. 

(Image taken from Javeon’s Instagram page. @javeonmusic)

McCarthy explained that music and song writing have always been his main passion, but then due to lockdown, he has been able to explore the practice of beer-making. “I am interested in the thought progress of how to make beer. I really like it. So I don’t think I am most passionate about the actual song writing, I now think it is to do with the process. It is about understanding that moment of what something is and what is good about it and then doing it over and over again. You can dismantle that and make it better.” 

He described that it is important for artists to appreciate what level they need to get to, and how far you need to push yourself to get there – showing his effort to continue enhancing his work and performance within the industry. 

“It is about realising how many things can branch off your original idea. It doesn’t always end up that way, but to appreciate that even a small idea can blow up to be a great thing. It is exciting and really fun.”  

Within the music industry, it is vital to look after your mental wellbeing. When discussing this with McCarthy, he paused to think, then expressed; “This is a difficult one because everyone is wired differently. But I would say to try not to get stressed, and to allow yourself to feel those negative emotions if they arise. Understanding that those are natural feelings, and they shouldn’t be suppressed.”

In life, you will have satisfaction and you will have dissatisfaction, but it is about taking on that situation in a different mind-set, and figuring out how to deal with it differently in the future. 

It is necessary to give yourself self-reassurance and self-love. It is normal for individuals to sometimes push themselves too hard to be the best version of who they want to be. For McCarthy, he explained that “It is important to not wait around for someone else to say well done for what you have achieved, to tell yourself that you have done great and know your importance.”

McCarthy grew up in the same community as ACE’s three directors and therefore wanted to get involved with the amazing services it provides for young people. He started his journey with the team at the ‘More Than Music’ sessions at The Station, which led to the opportunity of mentoring young participants and getting more involved with the team.  “There are a lot of people that have similar experiences to me but just haven’t given back to the youth. I think there is a lot of key information that young people need to know right now and I want to keep giving that support.” 

“The team is great, the people I work with are great, and the work we are doing is really great. This is one of the best jobs I have ever had.” 

ACE provides support to young participants within the community suited to their individual needs. When McCarthy explained what he believes ACE brings to the community it serves, you witness his passion and energy for making a difference within society for young people. “It is providing young people with options. Digging in to try to help them with what they want to do and support them in ways they may not have had otherwise.” 

McCarthy stated: “It could be seen that there is a progressive cycle for young people not knowing where to go or know what is on offer. Children are the future. If we can challenge these ideas, open up conversations, they may go into a situation with a different frame of mind. It is important for that intervention.” 

There are instances where McCarthy has witnessed young people grow and develop self-belief during their conversations. “It is also essential to me to let them know that what I am saying is just an opinion, they do not have to listen if they do not find it useful, but if they do – then take that on board and implement in their own way. Getting them to use their initiative because they knew it all along.” 

From developing his skills and relationships within the mentoring services, it has made McCarthy realise that is he a helpful person, that he is not just doing it for a job, and he likes the person he has become over this time. 

McCarthy is now in a place where he is creating a new sound and new music. Perfecting what he does and what he wants to do in the future. He clarified that he wants to focus more on his message and his character, rather than the sonics that are within the tune. I witnessed the delight on his face when explaining his new path and change in genre, but mostly he is excited about spending time with his daughter – “Everything is going to be about her now. I am 100% in the baby bubble.” 

Thank you Javeon McCarthy for having this interview with ACE. 

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Article Written by Lucy Caswell.