Interview with Ambassador Devonta Ngozi

Flying out the Nest.

Young Ambassador Devonta Ngozi has been involved with ACE since 2014. During that period, he studied Music Business at Birmingham University and recently dropped new EP “Miss Me”. In summer 2019, Devonta worked as part of the new Big Team Placement Programme with Team Love, in Bristol. Devonta spoke with us about the experience, and what the future entails for him.

Devonta helped manage the delivery of the emerging talent showcase for the St Paul’s Adventure Playground fundraiser, having direct contact with all the artists, and advancing the show alongside the team. His contributions were also shining at Love Saves the Day and The Downs festival during the summer months.

“My favourite part was probably networking. Meeting new people and putting faces to the name. Also, being able to see it all happen and come together. Everyone has one little job, and that was able to become something bigger. I was able to perform sometimes too, which was a nice experience.” 

The programme taught him the tricks of the trade. Whilst in the office with Team Love, he had the opportunity to experience the marketing and admin aspect of the job. Dave Harvey, organiser of the placement programme stated that “He hit the ground running, showed initiative and a desire to get on as soon as he came to us, it was great to see.” Devonta has a dream of setting up a record label for his own, creating music events around the city. With the business knowledge in the bag from his degree and the skills and networks he is developing across different platforms, the future is looking very bright for the artist. He is inclined to organising his own event in the coming months, and with the support of Team Love, he is getting some guidelines to help him through the process.

“Focusing on next year, I am doing the artist research. Getting to know peoples vibe in Bristol, seeing what is about. I know what is popping at the moment. So that is what I am focusing on. Using my platforms to reach out to people, and keeping an ear out for what is on the scene. As time goes by I’ll get a lot more responsibility and get more involved within the organisation.” 

Devonta has now become a young ambassador at ACE, where he was able to share his skills and experience with the next generation. “I know how to mix, and help out the kids, its pretty fun. I understand how they want it. Don’t need to think about it, I just know. And then yeah, I can give them any advice they might need from me. It’s chill man.”

Coming to ACE over the last 5 years has given Devonta confidence whilst producing music. “When I came to ACE and made my first song, it helped me get it on the Radio, and things like this have given me the confidence to keep going. I am now dropping two EP’s a year. Videos and all of that so, it has given me that opportunity, showing the possibility and the support that can be given to you, to get to your highest potential. It gives kids that extra push and offers you so much. Showing the standard of like, flying out of the nest sort of thing.”

Finishing the chat we had with Devonta, he expressed that whilst doing the placement for Team Love, he felt as though his voice was heard and felt appreciated for what he brought to the table.

Statement from Dave Harvey, at Team Love “He’s a top lad and it’s a pleasure to have him working with us – it’s worth mentioning none of this would have been possible without the help of you guys at ACE to link us, and to link someone you knew would shine with this opportunity so big thanks to you as well, look forward to the next stage.”

We are proud of what Devonta has achieved in his career and excited to see what the future holds for him and his music. 

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Written By Lucy Caswell (Marketing Assistant at ACE.)