Cherishing the Little Moments.

Young artist Xyzelle began her singing/songwriting journey at the age of 10 when she moved from the Philippines to Bristol. Attending ACE’s “More Than Music Sessions” from 2016, she showed she had a striking passion for music and intention to learn new skills within the industry.

As a result of her dedication she’s achieved an Arts award, released her work on different platforms, and been booked for numerous paid performances. Whilst developing her skills and gaining experience as an artist her future is looking brighter than ever. She caught up with us at ACE over Zoom, on 23rd June 2020, just before her most recent single “Pretty Mary” was released on all major platforms. 

(Image from Xyzelle’s Instagram.)

Her music brings a fresh vibe of soul, trap, and hip-hop to the scene. With a strong passion for songwriting, she has a desire to present pureness and emotion through her lyrics. She told us, “If I’m to be remembered for anything I want it to be that I am a singer who has written with vulnerability to the point where it helps people. I put emotion in my songs – and I want to be remembered for how I portray myself in these songs.” 

Xyzelle gets inspired by beautiful things. Those little moments that sometimes get unnoticed. She cherishes those moments and sees the beauty in everything. “So if I see something pretty and I feel something on the inside I can go and write creatively. Of course, beauty is subjective – but say I am with my friends enjoying life then these moments spark my inspiration. Seeing beauty in pure moments.” She may go through difficult situations and experience different things throughout her life but she intends to not to go through them in vain and try to turn those moments into something good and to allow her audience to witness the healing process. 

(Click here to listen to Pretty Mary!)

“Pretty Mary”, created by Xyzelle and Mr. W.O.T was released on 25th June 2020. The project had been in motion since 2019 meaning the music video that was released to accompany the track is an accumulation of clips filmed throughout the year. “As an independent artist sometimes things do not go your way, which has meant I have had to adapt to different situations. But the single is now finally ready to be released!” She explained to ACE before the drop. 

Her inspiration for Pretty Mary was down to one of her mantras in life which is that young people should chase their dreams before chasing any form of relationship. “I would like my audience to listen to the track and relate to it in some way, whilst having fun. I feel the young should chase their dreams before chasing any kind of relationship which could potentially distract them from their dream.”

Javeon McCarthy, one of our Creative Guidance Mentors, has been working with Xyzelle within the Pushing Talent programme run by ACE. He told us “When I first started working with Xyzelle she had a very good idea of the things she wanted but just needed a little assistance achieving her goals. One thing I’ve learned about Xyzelle, especially over lockdown, is her drive, she soaks up information given to her or demonstrated and makes it her own.”

If she keeps up this momentum, Javeon believes that we can all expect to see some big improvements in the way of traffic, opportunity, quality in sound, and visual representation. He tells us “I am proud of how she has been developing as an artist outside of our sessions and I look forward to seeing where she takes things next.” 

ACE provides young people within the community support and guidance in a safe environment. Xyzelle believes, “ACE gives really good advice which greatly benefits the community. It is a choice for people to go and get that support. It has definitely helped me, and I know a lot of other people it has also helped. As a young artist, I don’t have the finances to pay for studio equipment and space each week which ACE provides. Nowhere else offers this to the youth of Bristol”.

Her best memories from whilst being with ACE consists of being part of the St Paul’s Carnival Youth Anthem and performing at the BBC Music Introducing Live. She says… “It was so beneficial to me. To be able to perform in front of that many people, and learn so much.” 

(Click here to see Xyzelle at the BBC Introducing Live event!)

BBC Introducing held a music industry event in London in October 2019, which as part of the Making Tracks Partnership and ACE was able to get involved. A fantastic opportunity for young people to network and share experiences within the UK music scene.  “I wasn’t even meant to perform but I just ended up with the mic! It was such an amazing experience.” Said Xyzelle.

Xyzelle’s drive and passion for progress within the music industry shine through when speaking with her. Her end goal is to be able to do what she loves and enjoys most in life. Asking her what she is most looking forward to once lockdown is over she said,

“I can’t wait to go to a proper studio – and record all the songs that I have been creating whilst being at home. I just love songwriting – so that is how I have been keeping myself busy and that is the first thing I want to do when this is all over”.

Written by Lucy Caswell, the Marketing Assistant at ACE.